• Battery Operated Milk/Coffee/Egg Frother Mixer

    Store: OLX Nepal

    Product Details:

    -Makes coffee more foamy and delicious

    -Helps to froth eggs for fluffy texture

    -Beats milk for smooth texture

  • Plastic Salad Spinner

    Product details of Plastic Salad Spinner.

    -This salad spinner has a non-skid base rubber ring gasket which keeps the vegetable spinner dryer firm on the counter when using, your top is nicely secured when spinning your vegetables for your salad.
    -It has a large 5 quart capacity which allows you to make plenty salad at a time and accommodate more food.
    -Impressive clear bowl is impeccable when used as a serving bowl for herbs or berries, and the basket can also be used separately as a colander.
    -Hassle-free unique design with large handle provides easy spinning.
    -The strainer basket allows for washing vegetables, it is also made to dry your salad with little effort and maximum efficiency.
    -Make great tasting salads, any recipe your heart desires. This salad spinner is mainly used to dry washed sprouts,
    -Freshly washed lettuce, spinach, cabbage, vegetables, Fruits & other salad ingredients
    -The spinner is stain resistant making this spinner easy to clean through traditional hand washing only.


    Plastic Salad Spinner

  • Silicon Palta

    Product details of Silicone Palta.

    -Material: Silicone
    -Size: 10.5cm X 5.5cmX 10.5cm
    -Included Components: 1


    Silicon Palta


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