• Cutlery Tray 4compartment

    Product details of Cutlery Tray 4compartment.

    -Ribbed design and special resin formulation provides the cutlery bin with strength.
    -Made of durable, commercial grade, polypropylene plastic.
    -Ideal for storage/dispensing of silverware and condiment packets.
    -Made of BPA free materials
    -Made of durable, commercial grade plastic.


    Cutlery Tray 4compartment

  • Pedal Bin 120ltr

    Product details of Pedal Bin 120ltr.

    -Easy mobility for material handling, general refuse, and bulk waste collection in commercial locations, homes, garages, and driveways.

    -Heavy-duty wheels with high performance treads are optimized for use indoors and outdoors.
    -Reinforced rim for superior structural integrity and robust lid designed for added strength.
    -Rollout lids open fully and stay in place to prevent swinging during transport.
    -Smooth contours and seamless construction make cleaning easier and quicker, to improve staff productivity.


    Pedal Bin 120ltr

  • Silicon Ice Cube Tray 2 Compartment

    Product details of Silicon Ice Cube Tray 2 Compartment.

    -Not-stick design, easy to release – separating ice from the mold isn’t a tough job anymore.

    -Flexible ice ball mold  inch balls. great for whiskey, cocktails, making popsicles, icing your coffee, or infusing fruit or herbs.
    -Try infusing mint for that perfect mojito or strawberries for that delicious.
    -More than a novelty, they melt/dilute more slowly, making them ideal for scotch or blended whiskey.


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