• Acrylic Dome Cover 10″

    Product details of Acrylic Dome Cover 10″.

    -High quality Glass dome cover durable and premium dome cover.


    Acrylic Dome Cover 10″

  • Acrylic Dome Cover 12″

    Product details of Acrylic Dome Cover 12″.

    -High quality Glass dome cover durable and premium dome cover.


    Acrylic Dome Cover 12″

  • Acrylic Dome Cover 14″

    Product details of Acrylic Dome Cover 14″.

    -High quality glass dome cover 

    -Durable and premium dome cover 


    Acrylic Dome Cover 14″

  • Battery Operated Milk/Coffee/Egg Frother Mixer

    Store: OLX Nepal

    Product Details:

    -Makes coffee more foamy and delicious

    -Helps to froth eggs for fluffy texture

    -Beats milk for smooth texture

  • Cake Knife With Plastic Handle

    Product details of Cake Knife With Plastic Handle.

    -Simple elegance classic silver stainless steel cake knife and cake server set for those special occasions in life.
    -Makes for a beautiful and elegant engagement gift or a wedding gift, knife and server are beautifully presented in a white bottom box with a stunning silver.
    -The box has a clear plastic cover for display of the set for easy viewing
    -Knife and server handles are made from poly resin for lasting durability.
    -Both pieces have sturdy.

  • Coffee Decanter

    Properties of Coffee Decanter.

    -For coffee machine only, cannot be used on the stove or burner

    -These decanters are used by all foodservice and hospitality industry experts worldwide.
    -Polycarbonate glass are bristles are non-scratching that will not mark the pot, tackles stains out and prevents the discoloration of your glass, cleans coffee pots better than ever.
    -Good quality product.
    -This product will be fit with product code( twin heating plate)


    Coffee Decanter

  • Davars Eggless Cake Mix – 1 Kg

    Product details:

    – Egg less cake mix for easy baking.

    – A unique combination of Flour, Sugar, Cocoa Solids, Stabilizers, Emulsifiers, Enzymes & Milk Proteins, specially formulated for achieving superior volume and softness in chocolate cakes & pastries made without the use of eggs.

  • Delicious Vanilla Sponge (White Forest)

    Product details:

    -Cake mix for delicious vanilla flavor lovers.

    -Fluffy texture with heavenly taste.

    -Easy-to-make cakes for your kitchen.

  • Disposable Wooden Whisky Stick Set Of 2Pkts(100pcs)

    Properties of Disposable Wooden Whisky Stick Set Of 2Pkts(100pcs).

     Our wooden coffee Sticks are safe for your health with hot and cold drinks. They are non-flimsy unlike plastic stirrers. They are made of the finest splinter-free birch wood.

    -Every single wooden stirrers is quality checked to ensure premium quality.

    -The coffee sticks has a smooth finish and has round ends so you can stir and mix your beverage better and without any spill or mess.

    -These wooden sticks can be used to stir your favorite warm coffee, tea  ginger or other cold beverage. It is also useful for DIY craft and art projects.

    -When you buy in bulk you save time & money. These wooden coffee stirrers sticks are perfect for daily use at your home, coffee shop, office or other business.

    -Our company strives for a better planet and you can do it also when you choose biodegradable products and not plastic.

  • Maxipan Red Cherries Without Stem – 850g/Tin

    Product details:

    -Delicious taste, goes great with deserts.

    -Use these fresh cherries for bakery.

  • Morde Dark Choco Feast

    Product details:

    – Tasty and smooth texture.

    – Used for choco bars and choco pies.


    Morde Dark Choco Feast

  • Morde Dark Chocodip 20 KGS X 1 BKT

    Product details:

    – 20kg packing size

    – can be used for cakes, chocolate bars, waffles, ice-creams and choco pies.


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