• Stainless Steel Tea Urn

    Properties of Stainless Steel Tea Urn.

    -This large coffee urn has the capacity to hold hot beverages, an ideal size for buffets.

    -This drink holder works great on breakfast buffets at hotels or restaurants, conferences or in high-end shops, as well as waiting rooms.
    -This large coffee urn stays hot and is incredibly useful to sleepy guests and customers of these venues who need a nice cup of joe.
    -The commercial beverage dispensers remain hot by being used in conjunction with chafing fuels.
    -Each large coffee urn comes with a special container to hold chafing fuel that is placed in the base of the dispenser.
    -This heating device keeps the water, tea or java in the pot hot for hours when it is lit.
    -The large coffee urn and hot drink server is optimal for longer buffet events due to the long lasting heat.
    -This hot large coffee urn is equipped with a pull-handle spigot that pours tea into a cup while allowing the hand to stay out of the way.


    Stainless Steel Tea Urn


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